If you have trouble with the character mapping of SAMBA

There is a tool known als validchr.com which I designed to archive following:

Where to find it

You can find it in the examples section of samba. Under SuSE(r)-Linux it can be found in /usr/doc/packages/samba/examples/validchars/.


Micro HowTo

To get your "valid chars =" line into your smb.conf, please do following:

But: There are rumours about that validchr.com fails for some other foreign character sets; I can only check it for german (western) codes. I am really pretty sure that it will fail for multi-byte-codes such as japanese or korean character sets.

If validchr.com gives no output

Then it looks like you have a processor which is too fast. The following might help you. I havn't checked it completely myself:

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